The Team at PCI Group (Passion Coins India Pvt Ltd) is led by its two Directors Mr. Nirav Mehta and Mr. Kamal Siyal who are the pillars of the company and have has many decenniums of experience in the jewellery industry and precious metal market, working in manufacturing and retail across all asset classes.

We deal with precious metals on a quotidian substructure including buying, selling, and manufacturing. Due to our experience and dedication, we can always ascertain our customers to receive the solution that best suits their desiderata.

Believe in producing breakthrough designer products in our portfolio of products and believe in experimenting with different concepts with the latest production techniques and technology in order to offer our customers world-class products and services. 
Unique Birthday / Anniversary Coin Designs Custom-designed and branded packaging for industry clients.  
Special colourisation of coins bars and pendants.